Pi-Hole and PowerDNS

Since a while I’m using Pi-hole in my home to filter all kinds of domain names. This in combination with a PowerDNS resolver makes gives me more privacy. At least not monitored by the ‘free’ DNS resolvers out there…

PowerDNS is running on my Synology NAS in a docker container. Pi-Hole is still running on a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ since I wanted to test first and did not want to touch my working PowerDNS setup. but it already running fine for a while and I need to still move form the Pi to a docker as well. I will update this post when I moved everything with the detailed docker information as well.

Currently Pi-Hole v5 is just out, so I want to wait for a short moment when the fist fixed are done and the move to docker as well.

Cool thing with Pi-Hole is that you can use your one blocklists. Some I took form fireblog.net.

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